Between August 1st and November 1st, we accept entries in our poetry book contest. The first place winner receives a publication contract with Brick Road Poetry Press and $1000 prize.

Who do we publish?

We want to publish poets who are engaged in the writing community, including participating in poetry readings, workshops, and writers groups. The poets we are looking for are those who are avid readers (and purchasers) of contemporary poetry. We give preference to poets who are actively submitting their work to journals, magazines and contests, and who take part at writer's conferences/festivals-as an organizer, instructor or participant. Previous publications and/or recognitions can be an indicator of readiness for a book length collection. As a "small press," it's important that we publish poets who are putting themselves and their work out there. We have found that book-length poetry collections are most successful in reaching an appreciative audience when the poet takes an active role in marketing his/her book.

All that said, we would never rule out an emerging poet who demonstrates ability and motivation to move in the direction we described above.

Ends on January 15, 2019

Manuscript Guidelines 

See the full guidelines on our website 

· General submissions are accepted December 1st – January 15th annually. 

· Please leave your name off the manuscript as we are doing BLIND reading.

· Book-length poetry manuscripts only. 

· No reading fee for general submissions.  

· Simultaneous submissions accepted, provided we are immediately informed if the manuscript is accepted elsewhere. 

· Original collection of 75 to 100 pages of poetry, excluding cover page, contents, acknowledgments, etc. 

· Single sided, single spaced. We prefer no more than one poem per page. Numbered pages. Leave off the poet's name. 

· No translations, unless the translations are of your own poems. 

· Electronic files are accepted via the online submission manager. Use the title of your collection for the file name. We accept .doc, .rtf, or .pdf file format. 

· We prefer electronic submissions but will consider hard copy submissions by mail with the stipulation that, should the author's work be chosen for publication, an electronic version (.doc or .rtf) must be prepared in a timely manner and at the poet's expense. 

Brick Road Poetry Press